1. solidkenny87:

    After I learned that part of Ken Mendoza’s translation of Hideo Kojima’s answer about MPO’s canon status was worded poorly, I began to wonder about what the most accurate translation of Kojima’s answer would be.

    Kojima’s original Japanese-spoken answers, and Ken’s faulty English translations,…

    I guess he  Scott….Derped!

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The cast of DXHR comes together in this stylish fanart by bigegg.


    The cast of DXHR comes together in this stylish fanart by bigegg.

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24 Merchandise: http://bit.ly/1luyXVf
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    The Metal Gear fandom split into two sides:

    The side that pulls out crazy ass theories out of thin air regarding TPP. Grey Fox is BB, Chico is Quiet, TPP is just a simulation like MGS2, It’s just Solid Snake playing BB through an animus Post-MGS4, ect.

    Then theres the side…

    And the old fans who want him to work on something else which has happened and pretty much melted most of my cynicism.

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    Game of the fucking year

    MGS 5 confirmed for first next-gen game.

    they would rather make virtual horses shit than put more women in their games

    I’m not saying you do not have a point, but have you ever played MGS? As far as female characters go, it has a wide and diversified array of memorable female characters. It has its problems, it’s still skewed towards the men, but MGS is one of the last games series that deserves this particular critique.

    We have  blonde AND a red head.


    Olga. Saves the main character’s ass in MGS2. 


    Eva. Outsmarts the hero and takes off with his stuff. 


    Emma. Literally saves the fucking world. 


    The Boss. Considered to be the greatest soldier to ever live. Taught Big Boss (the person in the gifset) everything he knows. Kicked his ass multiple times. 


    Amanda. Leader of her own mercenary group. Political activist and revolutionary


    Paz. Outsmarts all the heroes at the end and steals their shit.


    Strangelove. Greatest AI Programmer in the world. Canonly a lesbian.


    Naomi. Considered to be one of the greatest genetic engineers in the world.


    Mei Ling. Commanding officer of a fucking battleship.


    Meryl. Leader of her own special forces group. 


    Sunny. Six year old child. Saved the world at the end of MGS4. 


    And yeah of course all of these women have problems with their representation, but it’s kind of laughable to say that MGS has no female characters. All of these characters are main characters who are important to the storyline, and it’s not even all of them. I will 100% admit that there are problems with their characters, and that MGS has had some horribly sexist female characters before. But the female main characters are seriously almost as numerous as the male characters, and they all have important roles. 

    s’cuse me I think we’re missing another important lady of note:

    Rosemary. Betrays the bad guys and is the only character in the entire series to get away with it without getting killed for her trouble and saves the ass of her ungrateful boyfriend six ways to Sunday in the process. 

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  7. metalgeartrivia:

    The late science fiction writer Project Itoh (real name Satoshi Itoh) was a close friend of Hideo Kojima. Itoh is famous among Metal Gear fans for writing the novel adaption of MGS4. One of Itoh’s earliest works was a fan fiction short story based off of Kojima’s acclaimed 1988 adventure game

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    when teachers type google.com into a google search bar 


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    Japanese artist Makaon uses recycled cans to create sculptures of characters from Popular Culture.

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